WOW STH YouTube Now at 300K Subscribers

STH YouTube 300k
STH YouTube 300k

Today is another milestone day. Summer is normally a slower time for STH main site traffic as folks are out on summer vacation. This summer, the STH YouTube went wild. Around three months after STH YouTube marked its 200K subscriber milestone it has now hit 300K subscribers.

WOW! STH YouTube at 300K Subscribers

The journey to 300K was very fast. From January 1, 2020, starting the process to September 30, 2022, hitting 100K subscribers, the next 100K came by July 8, 2023. Now, just three months later, we added another 100K.

STH YouTube Growth 2019 10 05 To 2023 10 4 300K With 100K Callout
STH YouTube Growth 2019 10 05 To 2023 10 4 300K With 100K Callout

Stats-wise, this summer was crazy. Things settled down in the second half of September 2023 as we went into survival mode. As I mentioned in our STH Q3 2023 Update A Letter from the Editor we are going through a behind-the-scenes period at STH where a lot is changing as we prepare for the next stage of growth. At the same time, there is a lot of change happening personally as well. Folks I have met with over the past two to three months know my rallying cry has been to “just make it to November.”

Still, it is crazy to think about the growth. While it is not accurate to say we tripled year/ year, since we did not hit 300K until the 370-day later mark, we were close. Even if we poured $1 million into upgrading STH’s production, I do not think we could almost triple again in a year. I do hope that we can double in the next year with the new studio and production upgrades.

Final Words

Thank you to everyone watching. I am taking Friday and Monday off since we are doing the wedding reception this weekend (the June ceremony was just with our parents.) The team has done a great job of getting STH’s main site and YouTube content prepared so I can take the weekend off, or at least try to.



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